H: First of all, hello Kezzo, how are you doing lately

K: Thank you so much. I am trying to be fine. I continue to work on presenting a new clip to listeners in the coming days. Then I will be with you with a new album.


H: You’ve posted ‘’Kafamin İçinde’’ in the past days on your YouTube channel as it’s been shown as one of your best albums of the past. Could you tell me a little about the process of the preparation of the album and the process after it?

K: We did not make the album on a particular concept. As we can understand from the name of the album, we have brought the lyrics to the rhythm and melodies based on the current psychology and the events in the world. We are proud to be featured in the best albums of our album. The albums came out on top of our expectations and this album increased our listener count, allowing people to understand us. During the construction phase we tried to work with different people and add a different air to the album. And I think we’ve succeeded in that.


H: Over the years obvious progress in rap technique and vocal technique is striking. It sounds “dirty, misty” again, but it is now safer and sounded at its feet. What do you think about this? How do you interpret the way you look when you look back?

K: Obviously we’ve come a certain way. But I have not been in a certain position for this, frankly. Perhaps in a very different way, the music may have improved my music. I have been rapping for years and I keep going on without stopping, which has allowed my technique to develop and mature.


H: Their songs have a very personal voice on the one hand and a didactic posture on the other. However, every prospect has a protest attitude. What are you paying attention to when writing your words, do you have a certain concern?

K: I am sure that the world is also anxious for peace. But I can not say I was paying attention to too much when I wrote my words. I just write what music makes me feel.


H: You have performed in many cities of Turkey with Eypio and Burak King last year. Could you tell me a bit about this concert process, how did it go? However, how do you interpret Eypio and Burak King, which are outside the mainstream music market, as a phenomenon? Do you think things will change or is this a temporary interest?

K: The concerts were very good. We experienced different experiences. We saw not only the rap audience, but how we reacted to people who listened to their musical styles other than rap. It is not a coincidence for Eypio and Burak King to turn into phenomene. Because, they made their sound with this geographical tone and they announced their voices with a song. I do not think this interest is temporary. They showed to all of Turkey how all kinds of music and rap music are blended. Rap music has already gained momentum in Turkey. I believe that every day will accelerate.


H: Lastly, present Erdi and Bi’Gün as their listeners by cloning a single named work. Are you satisfied with the work shown and how do you expect to listen in the future?

K: I am very pleased with the work shown. Very soon people are waiting for a clip and a piece like three bombs. Stay on track


H: Thank you for refusing our interview offer, what do you want to say to the readers of the Hipografi when you finish the interview?

K: First of all thank you for the interview. I say they are very lucky to read the hipografi . They follow a platform that has very well-known and closely followed editors of Turkey and the World HipHop.